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Commercial Cargo Bike Sales

With years of experience riding and maintaining cargo bikes via our sister company Zedify we pride ourselves on offering tailored commercial cargo bike solutions.

We offer a full package of services, from helping you choose the right bikes, through to developing custom cargo boxes, fleet maintenance and maintenance training.

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We provide our commercial clients with a fully supportive package for both regular and cargo bike fleets, making them an easy solution to choose.

  • Tailored advice and bespoke solutions: ensuring you have the bikes that best suits your logistics needs and budget.

  • Service packages: Our experienced mechanics specialise in commercial fleet maintenance with clients such as St John Ambulance. We can provide regular servicing plans developed specifically for your bikes and usage. As part of our servicing package we track and provide regular reports on each bike.

  • Maintenance training package: our mechanics are all trained instructors and we teach regular courses at our training workshop and off site. We can teach your staff to maintain the bikes themselves.

Range of available bikes

The following are our current range of commercial cargo bikes. All are available as E-bikes.

Urban Arrow Cargo

The Urban Arrow Cargo is their most popular model and available in a range of sizes up to XXL. With clever design and attention to handling the bikes are available with a range of solutions for carrying cargo, from flatbeds to custom boxes. All Urban Arrows use the renowned Bosch ebike systems.

Urban Arrow Shorty

The Urban Arrow Shorty is one of their newest models. Perfect for smaller loads that can be delivered quickly and using their light weight expanded foam box. Urban Arrow have specially developed carrying options including insulated pizza boxes and all weather electronics boxes. All Urban Arrows use the renowned Bosch ebike systems.

Urban Arrow Tender

Another new bike from Urban Arrow, the Tender is a true behemoth with an enormous 300kg carrying capacity cleverly spread over the front axle. Options include three sizes and range from a flatbed through to large refrigerated units. Like all our larger big box bikes these have great options for custom vinyl wraps to help showcase your brand. All Urban Arrows use the renowned Bosch ebike systems.

Larry Vs Harry Bullitt

Our mechanics have been using a Bullitt to transport their tools and kit to Dr Bike clinics for years. Beloved by couriers and mechanics alike for it's sporty position, light weight and hardiness, the bike is available in a huge of options and with the reliable Shimano Steps ebike system.

Gazelle Heavy Duty C7 HMB

Described by Gazelle as "the ultimate delivery bike" these super strong bikes have the footprint of a regular bike but can carry a huge amount of weight and make excellent pizza delivery bikes. The bikes are built in the Netherlands but offer fantastic value with the quality Bosch midmotor. We use Gazelles for our pool bikes as they are cleverly built to keep components shielded from wear and tear, leading to low servicing costs. We offer a special deal on the bike and a thermal pizza delivery box. Get touch for details.

Circe Helios Brut

Based just a few miles from our offices, Circe Cycles produce some truly innovative bikes that can adapt and fold to meet riders' needs. We've used them in our own fleet for years and sell their electric and none electric models. The Helios Brut is set up with a long wide rack with small strong wheels to keep the centre of gravity low. With their incredibly low weight and ability to fold down the seat post and handlebars the bikes make a great solution when storage is tight, as well as being a joy to ride.


Often commercial clients need a bespoke solution, whether that's a sole trader looking to carry long and bulky cargo on a lightweight bike, or a courier company looking for large trikes decked out with custom motors, boxes and secure locking. With our years of experience riding and maintaining cargo bikes via our cycle-logistics sister company Zedify, our team of mechanics and fabricators have a wealth of knowledge to build a custom solution for your needs.