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Cycle Sprints at Outspoken's Christmas Party!

For this year’s Outspoken Christmas party we introduced a healthy dose of competition with our Cycle Sprints racing!

It was held at the Alma, a wonderful pub just off Hills Road, where we had great curry, lots of laughs and the Cycle Sprints as entertainment!

As one of our most popular activities, this competitive event really gets the heart pumping and was the perfect fit amongst the highly competitive Outspoken staff! It’s very simple, pedal as fast as you can to beat your opponent, whoever wins gets on the leader’s board, but it always gets the crowd cheering and everyone wanting to get involved!

Outspoken had some fantastic times, including mechanic Dave, who topped the board with an impressive 17.94 seconds!

A huge thank you to the Alma for having our Christmas party on many occasions, and to everyone who hopped on the sprints bikes! If Cycle Sprints looks like the activity to complete your event, contact us to find out more.

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