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Event Activities

We’ve got a whole range of fun cycle-themed activities available to hire, from Pedal Powered Scalextrics and Cinemas through to our Smoothie Bikes and Try Out Shows. Our activities are great for a broad range of audiences, from private parties and corporate events such as wellbeing or team-building days, through to family events and community fetes.

With a passion for all things cycling our enthusiastic staff deliver events across the country all year round. We can brand our equipment with your branding and we’re always happy to work with you to tailor our activities to your needs and budget.

Do get in touch for further information.

Cycle Sprints

Our most competitive event and a huge hit! Get your legs spinning and your heart racing and see if you can make it to the top of the leader board. Using track bikes, head to head races are set up on static bikes over a simulated distance of 500 metres. A large dial tells the crowds who's winning with screams of encouragement to add to the atmosphere.

Cycle Sprints are perfect for Team Building Days - and the most fun you'll have at a staff party!!!

For more photos of our Cycle Sprints head over to our Flickr page, or head over to our Vimeo page to see our film in full screen!

Smoothie Bike

Our amazing pedal powered smoothie bike is perfect for your event – a great way for people to earn their way to a free, healthy smoothie!

The bike never fails to turn heads and everyone will queue up to have a go at blending their own smoothie, making it a really memorable part of your event.

Our smoothie bikes are suitable for all ages from 3 year olds up and for events indoors or out. Why not use it to liven up your own stall? Please get in touch for more details or a quote.

For images of the Smoothie Bikes in action please visit our Flickr page.

It was absolute pleasure to work with you on Sunday evening, thank you very much. Everyone loved the scalextrics so we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did! 

Emmanuel College May Ball

Pedal powered scalextric

Using an ordinary scalextric track, we take this classic game and give it a whole new experience by using bikes to control and power the ‘cars’ around the track.

Suitable for both children and adults, riders take it in turns to do a few warm-up laps before having a race over 10 laps. It’s a great fun activity for both indoors and out – far more fun than the static trigger control of old!

For more photos of the Pedal Powered Scalextrics visit our Flickr page.

Try Out show

A try-out show is loads of fun and a great way to get people excited about bikes. In a relaxed off-road environment it’s also an opportunity to show new cyclists how enjoyable cycling is and to get them enthused to take it up.

We bring along a range of bikes, from standard utility bikes for all ages to unusual recumbents, laid back trikes, cargo bikes, and ones that provide a real solution to riding with the whole family. We can tailor the bikes to suit the event and can include electric bikes or adapted, all ability bikes for example.

Thank you the pedal power cinema was a great addition to the event. Everyone loved it and the set up was perfect. The bikes got lots of compliments! Thank you so much for contributing to the event. The event staff were absolutely amazing as well. Please do pass our thanks on to him.

University of Bristol

pedal powered phone charging

Pedal powered phone charging

Our Pedal Powered Phone Charging enables participants to charge their phone in return for 5 minutes pedalling. Our locker system allows people to leave their phones to be charged and come back after an hour when everyone's combined efforts should have charged their phone. A great opportunity to get people to your stand and talk to them while they charge their phone. We can brand the panels to promote your event or sponsor. Pedal Powered Phone Charging provides a much needed service at an outdoor festival when there is no where else to charge your phone.

For more photos of the Pedal Powered Phone Charging  visit our Flickr page.

Pedal Powered cinema

Looking for a fun activity to engage your audience? Why not try our Pedal Powered Cinema!

We provide all the equipment and up to 6 bikes to power your very own cinema! We can cater for screenings of up to a hundred people and we can even bring the popcorn! 

This is really great for all ages – children enjoy cycling wherever they are but they will marvel that all their energy can be used to amplify sound or create the electricity to run a cinema.

Too see photos of our cinema in action visit our Flickr page.

Pedal Powered Micro Cinema

Our new Pedal Powered Micro Cinema is great for use in exhibitions, display stands or even small feature film screenings. The activity uses two bikes to power the screen which can be powered by as little as just one person. The Micro Cinema is a great way to bring some fun to any display and works particularly well in a short film format where you might have a steady flow of audience, such as a trade show.

We can bring a range of sizes and types of bikes along and can offer branding options to tailor the activity to your event.

Watt Challenge

Watt challenge is a fun activity that utilises the power of bicycles to create electricity to power a series of lights.

Participants cycle fixed bikes which drives a motor to produce electricity. As more bulbs light, the resistance increases and participants have to work harder - the challenge is to see who can power the most!

Watt Challenge is a great way of relating energy use in the home to a real life experience of how much relative human power is needed. There are masses of discussion points from Science & Technology to environment and energy use.

It's fun for adults too! The Watt Challenge is great for Team Building Days - give us a call to see how we can help you build a happy united workforce!



watt challenge

Here are some of the other event activities that we offer:

Pedal-powered Jukebox

Bring your event to life with some music. We provide the bikes, speaker and lights and you provide the power!

Inner tube challenge

We’ve found that running an inner tube challenge is a really great introduction to bike maintenance. We can give tips to those who are already competent and can demonstrate to those with no experience. Either way, everyone will enjoy the competitive environment. Our staff are enthusiastic and engaging and will ensure that loads of people take part. We offer prizes for different categories and keep a friendly and light-hearted environment at all times.

Brompton challenge

In addition, we can run a Brompton folding bike competition. These incredible bikes can be unfolded, ridden and folded back again in less than 30 seconds. The fold can be taught quickly and everyone has loads of fun trying to get the best time.

Cycle Powered Stage

Why not pedal power your open mic stage at a festival, party or summer fayre?