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Frog Bikes for Sale at Outspoken!

Whether you’re looking for a balance bike to get your children into cycling for the first time or your avid cyclist teenager wants a shiny new bike for their birthday, our extensive range of Frog Bikes will have something for you.

We’ve used the lightweight bikes in our events and training and have discovered that they’re brilliant bikes that work well for everyone. They’re lightweight, making them easy and enjoyable to ride, and the range of colours and sizes mean you can find a bike to fit any age and style!

Outspoken Cycles are happy to announce that we are now selling brand new Frog bikes to the public! Our range of bikes are available to try out, on booking, and our cycling experts can make sure you pick one of the right size. We can then order you one in, it’s that simple. See our shop for more details and to try out some bikes.

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