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New! Cat's Custom Home Mechanic Toolbox

With years of experience providing Velotech course participants with advice on toolkit selection and spending many a winter out at Dr Bikes, our Head Mechanic, Catherine, knows a thing or two about which tools can be relied on time and time again. 

After popular demand she's put together a carefully selected tool box for keen home mechanics and anyone servicing fleet bikes.

Composed of specialially chosen tools from a range of companies it represents a great combination of quality and value. Perfect for courses participants and a great gift for budding mechanics!

Photo of all tools included in the tool box laid out to view

We also provide a range of tools for more specialist jobs as well as lubricants and toolstands. Purchase of the full home mechanic kit includes a FREE toolbox to keep all your shiney new tools safe and sound in.

A break down of the included tools in the main kit are listed below (and in the photo above). See our list of our most popular tools as a PDF here. Anything else you want, just ask!

Birzman - 1/2"" Ratchet Wrench Set
Chain whip/pedal spanner
Silverline Spanners
Ison Cable snips
Bondhus Ballwrench Allen Key Set
Chain Wear Tool
Chain tool - mini brute
Spokey - Japanese Nipples
Spokey - Euro/US nipples
Cyclo 14mm Cotterless Crank Extractor
External Bottom Bracket/Crank Tool
Round Point Bradawl
Cone spanner set, 13 / 14 / 15 / 16mm
Double-ended cone wrench: 17, 18 mm
Big Adjustable - Length 300mm - Jaw 32mm

To place an order or for advice on tool selection with one of our mechanics do get in touch!

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