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Pool Bikes and Bike Maintenance Demonstrations with Cambridge Assessment

Outspoken Cycles have been working closely with Cambridge Assessment to provide a Pool Bike service as well as Bike Maintenance Demonstration sessions since 2015.

We started the Pool Bike service to provide a safe, quick and easy way to get around the city for their visitors and employees. This then progressed to Bike Maintenance Demonstration sessions, showing employees how simple maintaining your bike can be and to encourage them cycling to work regularly.

We provide 10 bikes for Cambridge Assessment to use, including 2 electric assist bikes to help with longer journeys. Our trained mechanics regularly inspect and service the bikes, including providing a call-out service to fix any issues such as punctures within 24 hours. These are used by employees to trial cycle commuting over a couple of weeks before committing to purchasing a bike.

The multiple Bike Maintenance Demonstrations which we have ran across their two sites have also been a huge success, with many employees attending both available sessions, brakes and gears and general maintenance, and finding both incredibly useful.

‘The pool bikes have proved to be extremely popular not just for quick trips around the city but for giving our staff the opportunity to try cycling to and from work so they can ‘try before you buy’. The recent introduction of the electric bikes has also proved to be a welcome addition and are proving very popular with staff, we have a few employees who are seriously considering electric bikes as an alternative mode of commute to their cars, which is a success to say the least!’

  • Georgina Watkins, Group Transport Co-ordinator, Cambridge Assessment

‘The training was really useful and Catherine is a natural teacher! I’m looking forward to the next session on gears & brakes.’

‘I would go to anything taught by the technician, she was brilliant. Almost everything was new for me and extremely practical. Great use of an hour!’

‘The workshop was ace - Catherine was really informative, clear and helpful (without being patronising) - I re learnt the basics, picked up a few tips and was able to ask a few nagging questions afterwards - a great lunchtime!’

‘The weekend after attending the course, I bought the pump that the mechanic had recommended and did a M check on my bike.  The bike had been in my shed all winter, and had flat tires.  I would have taken it for a full service because I just didn’t know that it was safe to ride.  I felt confident performing the check, pumped the tires up and have been using my bike every day since. I’m a very happy customer!’

  • Cambridge Assessment Bike Maintenance Demonstration attendees

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