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Projects & Programmes

Our award winning projects have transformed cycling levels in both schools and workplace settings. The following is a selection of programmes that we are currently running. We are expert at developing new ones, so do get in touch to see how we can get more people cycling where you are.

Cycle Loan & Pool bike schemes

Our cycle loan programme helps businesses and other organisations to increase cycling levels, by letting their staff or students borrow a quality bike and accessories for a month or more. In this way, individuals can try cycling with loads of support and advice before committing to buy.  

We can offer city and electric bikes as well as cargo bikes, tandems and folding bikes. Families are supported with the offer of child seats, trailers and children's bikes so for short journeys, there really is no excuse not to give cycling a try.

For eAZy Bike safety information for AstraZeneca staff please see here for more details. 


Eddington Cycling Programme

We're currently working with the University of Cambridge to run the cycle scheme for their new residential development, Eddington, in north west Cambridge.

We run an exciting range of activities to help encourage and support residents to cycle. These include a subsidised cycle loan scheme giving participants to try a bike for a month, free cycle training and monthly free Dr Bike maintence sessions.

For more information please click here.


Cycle challenges

Competitive cycle challenges can provide great incentives for staff to get in to cycling for the first time and for businesses and organisations to challenge each other for who has the greatets modal share. 

We often partner with specialist cycle and multi-modal challenges, helping to engage with businesses and individuals and running events to ensure the programme is fun and interactive.

If you'd like more information on what we can do in your area, please get in touch.

Bikelife - schools cycle promotion

Our schools programme, Bikelife has won multiple awards for transforming the cycling culture in schools. We've now worked with over 50 primary schools in 4 different local authorities, increasing cycling levels in those schools from an average 7% to 21%.

We've done this through engaging really well with parents, children and school staff, creating challenge between and within schools and ensuring that the events and activities that we run are professionally led and genuinely inspiring.

For more information, please see Outspoken Training, our sister company that this is run through.