Bike Borrower FAQ

How do I hire a bike from my scheme?

You need to register with your work email address. From there you will receive the code you need to access your companies fleet. 

How does the hire work?

You can hire a bike for 24 hours. The bike must be returned to the parking zone that you collected the bike from.   

Where can I lock the bike?

You can pause the ride at any point on the ride and outside of parking zones. However, you must lock the bike to an immovable object with the provided chain lock. The bike must be returned to the parking zone you hired it from. If you are using it to go to another parking zone do not end the ride at this zone and only pause the ride. 

How long can I use the bike for?

You can use the bike for up to 24 hours. 

Who and how do I contact in the case of an issue with the bike?

Please contact Outspoken Cycles on 01223 789606 or at