Winther Bikes

We’re super excited to let you all know we are officially a Bicicapace dealer! We have access to the full range of Bicicapace bikes, including the Pelican, Justlong, classic and Classicona 

Having seen and fixed bicicapace bikes for years now we are super excited to be able to provide these excellent longtail and alternatives to larger cargo bikes. With both the ability to carry your bag on the bike and still carry children. All on a nimble but stable ride!

All of their bikes will be available for purchase soon, if you are interested or have any questions regarding the bicicapace range – get in touch!

for any extra details please see the webpages of the bikes. Or come in and talk to us and try an E-Justlong or an E-pelican! Let us help you find the best bike to fit your lifestyle! 

Book a test ride now!