Start your child riding on a Frog.

Cambridge Festival of Cycling

Start with a balence bike.

From the age of 18 months, your child can start enjoying the fun of two wheels. The Tadpole range of balence bikes are light easy to manage, colourful bikes with no pedals – ideal for those first experiences of balence, steering and braking. The brakes are scaled for little hands, steering is restricted for safety and of course the bell is essential!

Tadpole Mini

From the Age of three.

First pedal bikes start from a 40cm size suitable for most three year olds. Single speed, low centre of gravity, geometry for stability and easy to learn handling, scaled parts mean brakes work with little hands. Crank lengths are short to help easy pedaling.

Frog 1st pedal 40

Go further gears.

By the age of five or six you might well want to cycle further. Gears then help no end to tackle hills and ride fast on the flat. Of course good control with brakes and a light, stable frame is also essential. We have found Frog bikes to be excellent in build quality and light enough for a child to manage and learn riding skills with ease.

Frog Hybrid 52

Size Matters.

To ride a bike with comfort and safety you must choose the right size. We can help advise on size and run an upgrade scheme to ensure that your child’s bike grows with your child. Please come in to The Bike depot to try some bikes for size, we keep all sizes as demo bikes.

As you take to cycling try a different discipline.

A road bike for training, racing, triathlon…..

Frog Road 67

A Mountain bike for those traffic free cross country rides.

Frog Mountain 62

Or, track riding, fantastic “man” and machine in perfect harmony.

Frog Track 70

Find more detail on the Frog range of bikes here.

Please come in to The Bike Depot to discuss and test ride. Contact here.