We all remember our first bicycle, often a Christmas present, the excitement of the journeys we were going to make, the friend that it would become. I’ve had a bicycle as a friend since the age of five; I’m sure that if balance bikes had existed I would have started my cycling journey at two years old.

Of course this is quite scary for parents; a good bicycle is not cheap, and seeing the need for a new one, perhaps every two years to maintain a good fit, sounds expensive.

Our up grade scheme is possible because we run a large Frog demo fleet. These bikes are used at events that promote cycling, encouraging children to try a good quality bike, normalising active transport and sparking a love for life on two wheels. This fleet accepts your second hand bike and supplies you the next, larger machine at low cost – or, we can supply a brand new machine at a reduced price in part exchange.

So, if you are thinking of a new bike for your child – a Frog is very difficult to beat in terms of quality and value, and our up grade scheme is a future proofing for your purchase that is second to none.

Please come in with your child to Outspoken Cycles so that we can ensure correct sizing and fit.

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