We’re excited to announce Outspoken Cycles has become a Drop Off Point for Cycle for Good for their fantastic innertube recycling programme!

Cycle for Good make a range of cycling and non-cycling accessories from recycled materials including innertube wallets, bags and belts.

For us as a cycling business, sustainability is such an important issue to us all. We actively promote sustainable travel across all our services and it underpins all we do, from using cargo bikes to travel to our Dr Bike events, through to providing organisations with our pool bikes, or selling businesses bespoke cargo bikes so they can forego using a van. With a strong belief in sustainable travel, the opportunity to recycle our innertubes and help others do the same is hugely exciting.

We are currently the only Drop Off Point in Cambridge so hopefully serving a needed gap, with the next nearest point more than 15 miles out of the city.

Drop offs are welcome from all individuals, and cycling groups and clubs. We also stock a wide range of new tubes if required.

As a cycling retailer we couldn’t miss an opportunity to stock a wide range of Cycle for Good’s handmade accessories which are available from our shop. You can also see the stocked range on our website here (INSERT LINK).