July 2019


Larry v Harry “Bullitt” cargo bike, Bluebird with Alfine 8 gearing, hub dynamo lighting, Canopy and Maxi Cosi adaptor.


Henry, loves his biking. Living in Norwich, the best way to travel locally is by bike. When Charlotte came along what better way to transport and explore together than by cargo bike. The Bullitt was an immediate attraction, the style, engineering and cycling cred satisfied Henry’s eye for detail and tantalised his riding skills!


Starting with a discussion on planned and potential use. The bike was to be used as the principle form of transport for shopping and safely carrying Charlotte. At home parking was straightforward, with easy access to the street. Henry imagined a two wheeler would be his preference but wanted to explore all possibilities. Norwich has undulating geography and Henry is a strong rider.


The performance of the bike was important to Henry, a keen cyclist. Test rides of a number of bikes and trikes confirmed that two wheels suited him best and that the fast, sporty handling of the Bullitt stood out. To transport Charlotte we recommended the Bullitt sides and Canopy, with a Maxi Cosi adaptor fastened to the Honeycomb base board. Initially the Maxi Cosi seat was to be fitted and when older the bench seat.

The Alfine 8 speed gearing was chosen for durability and suitability of gearing range. A front hub driven dynamo lighting system was also to be fitted.

Colour is always one of the toughest choices with the Bullitt, in this case the Bluebird blue looks a real stunner.

“…a big thank you for my new bike.  I’m pretty much used to riding it now, she’s so well balanced and agile that I often forget that I’m riding a cargo bike.  I took her for a small bit of off-roading last night and she coped admirably!  I took Charlotte out in it for the first time on the weekend, she totally loved it..”

Family bike rides for leisure and practical transport.

Cosy and safe within the Bullitt canopy.

“Thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate the time you took to talk me about all things cargo bike, for letting me come play with your stock, for building me a fantastic machine!”