Zedify Rider

The Camcycle Cargo Carnival on Saturday 21st September is a great opportunity to showcase the possibilities for sustainable transport in our city.

“Outspoken Cycles” will have an enclosed try out area on Lammas Land with a range of cargo bikes and staff to discuss your needs – we’ll be joined by the experts from “The School Run Centre” and “The Electric Transport Shop”  – so this will be a fantastic event to ride and talk cargo bikes, with a huge range to compare.

There will also be a cargo bike parade comprising both families and business riders. Quite a spectacle and a great chance to talk to experienced users. There will be bikes and trikes used for transport for school, shopping, allotment, parcel delivery and many that are used by trades to replace a van.

Come and join us for a fun, informative day celebrating the cargo bike – how can you use one!

  • Please contact us to start the discussion – how can a cargo bike help me?