With supportive funding well established for electric cars, it is long overdue for electric bikes and cargo bikes. The government and local authorities are responding with grants for businesses to make the move to “last mile” E-cargo bike delivery of goods and services. Details are scarce so far but the initial funding, two million pounds from central government, will need to be applied for by March 2019. 

We at Outspoken Cycles are ready to rise to the challenge – our roots are in cargo bike transport. Outspoken Delivery, now Zedify has been in the vanguard of sustainable, pollution free delivery. Our expertise can now help you choose, even customise E-Bikes that are suitable for your business.

They can be small and maneuverable for pizza, documents, one off valuable delivery. Then rising in size to large four wheeler machines for large volume payloads.

Come and see how we use cargo bikes and discuss your needs with our helpful sales staff. Test rides are available, our experience of and enthusiasm for the commercial use of cycles will aid your decision process. 

And remember the benefits to your staff; the reduction in stress of parking, a small cargo bike can penetrate the intricacies of the city and gets held up less by traffic. Pollution and congestion are both reduced, giving your company tangible green credentials. Our cycle couriers report feeling fitter, better able to do their job, and happier to ride a bike than drive a van, even in the most inclement of weather.

Urban Arrow Tender 1500 Post and Parcel

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