Last month, our senior mechanic, Richard, ran two Cargo Bike workshops funded by Cambridgeshire County Council as part of their City Changer Cargo Bike project. As part of this project, residents of Cambridgeshire are able to trial E-Cargo bikes at a low cost and little risk under the Try Before You Buy scheme, with families and businesses being encouraged to try the scheme. Both sessions were attended by people from across Cambridgeshire with the workshops being suitable for all cargo bike users, regardless of what they use the bikes for. 

The sessions, which took place in our mechanics workshop, began with Richard exploring the utility of cargo bikes, reflecting on how people are increasingly looking towards more sustainable means of transportation. Cargo Bikes, with their spacious and functional luggage carriers, often exist as replacements for cars for family and as a means of delivering goods for businesses. Due to the practicality of these bikes, maintenance of all the parts is key to ensuring users gain the most from their bikes – a challenge these workshops seek to tackle.

But before learning how to look after the bicycles, Richard ensured the attendees had the information needed to look after themselves as they cycle. This meant covering the skills required for a basic ABCD pre-ride check before going through a more thorough safety check based on the traditional “M” check. The teaching of these checks, along with the guidance on how to examine brake pad wear, all contribute to Outspoken Cycles’ dedication to cycle safety as these workshops aim to equip our Cargo Bike users with the knowledge on how to be as safe as possible when maintaining a bike.

Following this, the workshop turned to look at methods of encouraging the longevity of the Cargo Bikes with Richard examining the best methods for cleaning, lubricating and storing the bikes. In addition, Richard discussed the differences in the varying models of Babboe Cargo Bikes when it comes to punctures and how to treat them. This provided workshop attendees with advice tailored to their specific bikes as well as recommendations for products, all available in our store, for fixing punctures. 

With electric bikes serving as the go-between petrol-powered vehicles and traditional non-assisted bikes, maintaining their batteries is crucial for ensuring the sustainability of the bikes. The workshop covered battery maintenance as Outspoken Cycles’ recognises that the environmental benefits of these bikes can only be achieved with proper care for the lithium ion batteries in our electric Cargo bikes. 

This is just a quick look at what the workshops entail but, as Richard can assure you, far more is covered with his expert knowledge dispersed throughout. The safety element of these workshops is of most importance to Richard as he explains how ‘increasing understanding of cargo bikes through these workshops encourages more bike safety as workshop attendees are able to develop confidence in their ability to properly operate their bikes following what they’ve learnt here.’ 

To take a look at the workshops available as well as their pricing options, click the link here. If you’re interested in our cargo bikes, take a look at Cambridgeshire County Council’s Try Before You Buy scheme where businesses and individuals, for low cost and with little risk, can try out one of our bikes. Click here to find out more.