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Bikes are the future of Last Mile Logistics. With years of experience, we can guide you through the process of choosing the right bikes for your business or organisation’s needs. We stock a wide range of brands including Urban Arrow, Raleigh Pro, Carla Cargo trailers and Larry vs Harry.

Move Faster

Cargo Bikes cut through traffic and make use of short cuts to zip across the city.

Park right at your destination and don’t worry about getting a ticket!

Keep moving all day with Electric assist motors.

We use Cargo Bikes in our operations for these exact reasons!

Bespoke Solutions

Every business has different needs, we listen to your requirments and budget, and advise on the best solutions.

With our wealth of experience we can match the best storage solution with the right bike.

We offer custom boxes and branded wrapping to make your brand seen.

With countless configurations we can find something to suit your needs.


If you’ve got a lot to move, we’ve got super-sized cargo trikes for you.

Carry up to 300kg with the Urban Arrow Tender range.

Three wheels, including a pair of car wheels, for extra stability.

The perfect balance between capacity and versatility for logistics.

Extra Capacity

Looking to haul an even bigger load? Upgrade your capacity with a Carla Cargo trailer.

Super versatile and reliable trailer unit carrying up to 150kg with optional electric assist and intelligent braking.

Attaches to any type of bike and with electric assist rides like it’s not even there.

Large carrying capacity in a small profile!

Electric Assist

Electric assist motors give you extra mileage, comfort, and confidence when riding.

Our team are experts on models from all leading brands including Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha.

Motors come with handlebar display modual and controls to give you important data on the move.

A wide variety of battery options can suit your requirements

Why Choose Outspoken?


Last Mile Logistics are in our company DNA. We grew from Outspoken Delivery which gave us a crucial early insight into the industry. With a total of 15 years experience with Cargo Bikes, we have expertise that you can rely on, with half our team made up of ex couriers.

Test Rides

Test riding before you by is essential. We have a large enclosed Test Ride space and plenty of quiet local roads for you to put our bikes through their paces. We offer test ride appointments where you can take the time you need to test and compare bikes.


Few Cargo Bike suppliers offer bespoke accredited tuition, both in fleet maintenance and Bikeability rider training. We can provide you with the tools and knowledge to make the most out of your Cargo Bike, from basic courses in day-to-day maintenance through to full training packages.

Nationwide Delivery

Our mechanics will build and test your bike, then our team can then arrange national delivery, usually in one of our vans. We can deliver across the UK, with an introduction and training on the bike at point of delivery.


We can maintain your fleet to keep your operations running smoothly. Our mechanics specialise in Cargo Bikes and can be at your beck and call to resolve problems. Our mechanics have training on all major ebike systems and we have fast access to parts through official distributors.


We’re always on the end of the phone or email with friendly advice if you have questions or any problems. You can find our contact information and opening hours at the bottom of this page

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