Pedal powered transport solutions – a roundup of Cargo Bike options for urban travel.

Objectives to transport children, shopping, garden produce, sports gear, work tools, business supplies, parcels ……… a cargo bike has the capabilities of a small van, without the expense, pollution or congestion issues – and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Cargo bikes can be purely pedal powered, or more commonly now electric assisted. The electric assistance assures easy hill climbing and, in an urban environment with frequent stops, ensures getting back up to speed is less work for the heart and knees. The assist makes these machines a go to vehicle whatever the weather and your state of fitness!

An early choice is two or three wheels. Three wheels have the advantage of straight line and stationary stability – you can brake to a halt at traffic lights and not need to put your foot down to hold yourself upright. A trike is generally larger, wider through bollards and slower to corner. On corners and adverse cambers speed must be reduced to keep three wheels on the ground!

In contrast a two wheeler, is more dynamic, rides like a large bike, leans around corners, is narrower and easier to park than a three wheeler – but it requires more effort, care and a degree of strength when you stop to hold up the bike and load.

Customers often come with preconceptions on which will suit them – try both – ideas often change, people polarise steeply – this needs compromise when a couple settle to a different preference.

For families, the child cabin can always be rain proof and cosy, in the depth of winter blankets over knees enhances the whole experience. I repeatedly hear how rider and passengers so enjoy their shared “school run”, perhaps an exaggeration to say every day is an adventure, but it comes close to that! Luggage, school bags, shopping can also be accommodated. Generally children from 3 months to 7 years can be carried.

Commercially a cargo bike can have lockable storage space for tools or stock – an element of customisation is available to suit any businesses particular needs.

Now some lovely bikes and trikes – we have most of these available for you to test ride and will always spend time discussing your needs and help with riding and other practical tips. Below a quick list of the machines we sell, more details clickable from the name – but do come in to chat, it’s not a process to hurry and we have a wealth of experience which can help find what will really work for you.

Babboe “Mini” – our smallest, most easily handleable machine.


BabboeCity – larger, with more cargo space.


Larry v Harry “Bullitt” – loved by our couriers and sporting cyclists. Commercial or family use.


Babboe “Slim” – inline balance,  poise and style. (not currently in stock to demo)


Urban Arrow “Shorty” – fast, punchy bike for shopping, delivery – where a standard bike won’t handle the load.


Urban Arrow “Family” – our sleekest most popular two wheeler.


Babboe “Big” – the classic, square box versatile do it all bike.


Babboe “Dog” – ramped to allow your dog, cat or hamster easy access. The ultimate canine accessory! (No demo trike in stock)


Babboe “Curve” – designed to transport up to four children. Full range of canopies, seats, cushions for comfort & safety.


Babboe “Carve” – the bobsleigh of cargo bikes, can ride like a trike or lean into the corners like a bike! Great for two riders with different riding styles.


Circe “Helios” – tandem – great for transporting active youngsters from 4 years old – adaptable for cargo carrying.


Circe “Triplet” – another seat for another child or more cargo!


Circe “Morpheus” – a regular/ semi recumbent tandem or versatile cargo machine. For luggage, juniors, disability or just fun!


Batribike “Omega” – good towing vehicle for one of our trailers.


Adventure “AT6” Child Trailer – two child tow trailer.


Carry Freedom “flat bed” luggage trailer – build it into what you like!


Commercial: – government grants available.

Urban Arrow “Flatbed” – stalwart of many delivery fleets.


Urban Arrow “Tender” – for large volume jobs. (not available in our demo fleet)


Gazelle “Heavy Duty” – luggage capacity front and rear, can tow a trailer.

“Heavy Duty”

Carla “Cargo” Trailer – great way to tow large volumes.


We have many more solutions to help your family or business profit from the pedal revolution – Please contact us to start the discussion.