Dr Bike Mobile Repairs

Get professional bike repairs and maintenance right at your location. Save time and keep your bikes in top condition with our expert mobile service.

Dr Bike

Dr Bike ensures your employees’ bikes are in expert hands, encouraging them to cycle to work smoothly and reliably. Led by certified bike mechanics with over 10 years of experience, our services offer a great perk to your team and help promote greener initiatives in the workplace.

Whether it’s a quick “Safety Check and Adjust” or a thorough “Routine Service,” Dr Bike ensures your bikes are in expert hands, making it easier for employees to choose cycling over driving for their commute.

Why Choose Dr Bike Mobile Repairs?


We come to you, saving your employees the hassle of transporting bikes to a shop. Our mobile service ensures bikes get the attention they need without disrupting a day’s work.


Our competitive pricing and comprehensive service packages offer great value for money. Keep employee bikes in top condition without breaking the budget.

Expert Service

Our team of certified mechanics bring years of experience and a passion for cycling to every job. We guarantee top-notch service and expert repairs for all types of bikes.

5 Reasons to Choose Dr Bike Repairs


Promotes a fitter, healthier workforce


Communicates commitment to sustainability to staff


Reduces parking demands


Fewer accidents with staff on safe bikes


Meets active travel targets

Our Service Options

Safety Check & Adjust (20 minutes per bike)

These are popular for one-off events like Bike Week incentives or large staff groups. We provide a 35-point safety check and minor adjustments.

Routine Light (30 minutes per bike)

This service is popular with businesses and organisations seeking regular, on-site bike shop-quality service for their staff or participants.

Routine (60 minutes per bike)

A comprehensive service, ideal for high-mileage users. For optimal performance, we recommend an annual Routine service, with a 30-minute Routine Light service in between if the budget allows.


We are committed to sustainability, prioritising repairs over replacements and providing maintenance tips to reduce wear and tear. We offer flexible parts payment options for our clients at all service levels:

  • Participants pay for their own parts
  • Employer covers all parts costs
  • Set budget (e.g., £10 + VAT per person) with the option for participants to top up

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