We feel that many parents making local journeys to nursery, primary and junior schools could greatly benefit from the use of a cargo bike. You’d be amazed how your child will engage with a cargo; some decorate them, all feel safe and excited by this immediate, scaled down, low stress transport.

You will feel more in control of your timetable, feel less stressed by traffic and parking and feel great to be supporting a greener, less polluting physical lifestyle. Pedalling does not have to be arduous – cargo bikes are low-geared and can be motorised: this greatly enhances their use, making every trip a breeze. Most families transporting children in cargos grow their usage to include shopping, transporting maybe garden produce and even mix some business use in.

So here’s the deal. And this is when the cake bribe arrives!

Please contact Rob our shop manager to book a group of five to ten grownups in for a visit to our showroom and demo area. We’ll put on the kettle, cut the cake and discuss your needs and how cargo bikes may help you. There is not a solution for all scenarios, but our extensive experience and innovative approach will find any that are there. This whole process is fun – we all learn by bouncing ideas and our experiences off each other.

We have a great range of machines to try out in a safe environment. There is of course no obligation to buy from us, but we’d love to assist. We understand that this large purchase takes a lot of thought, we’re happy to keep answering your questions and have various finance schemes in place to help.

Our highly rated after-sales and workshop servicing will then give you peace of mind to enjoy your new way of life!

So please chat to your friends and then contact us to engage with the green revolution.

All are welcome of course to pop in anytime for an impromptu chat and ride – but we may not always be ready with cake!