Cycle Sprints

Our most competitive event and a huge hit! Get your legs spinning and your heart racing and see if you can make it to the top of the leader board. Using track bikes, head to head races are set up on static bikes over a simulated distance of 200 metres. A large dial tells the crowds who’s winning with screams of encouragement to add to the atmosphere.

Cycle Sprints are perfect for Team Building Days – and the most fun you’ll have at a staff party!!!

For more photos of our Cycle Sprints head over to our Flickr page, or see our short film below!

Event Type: Competitive, Energetic

Minimum Space Required: 3m x 3m

Minimum participants: 1 / Maximum participants: 2

Event duration: Each race 15-40 seconds. Each overall go 3-5 minutes

Custom Branding Option: Yes (please get in touch for pricing and examples)

Insurance: £10m public liability


Just a quick note to say thanks to Elina for putting on a great event for us. She couldn’t have been any more accommodating and I even managed to persuade her to get on the bike beside our Finance Director!! – Bracton Transport