Events FAQs

Do you provide staff to operate the activities?

All of our activities are operated by our experienced event staff.  Our staff are self-sufficient, setting up, running (with lots of enthusiasm!) and derigging each activity. In some exceptional circumstances we do allow dry hire, decided on a case by case basis, please get in touch for more information.

How can I enquire about your events?
Are the activities covered by Insurance?

All our activities are covered by £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. We can provide a copy of the certificate on request.

How much space do the activities require?

Many of our activities fit inside a 3m x 3m footprint of our gazebos. Some activities can actually fit in to a smaller space, but we recommend 3m x 3m as a minimum.

Some of our larger activities such as the Pedal Powered Cinema, and Try Out Shows, require much more space.

Please see the Details section on each activity listing for specific requirements, or get in touch with any questions.

Can we use our own branding on the activities?

All of our activities can be custom branded. Our Pedal Powered Scalextrics, Cycle Sprints, Smoothie Bikes and Watt Challenge work particularly well.

We organise all our print for you and fit it to our activities ourselves in house or at our printers.

We can also organise custom branding design in addition to print. Contact us for details.

How far do you travel for your events?

While we’re based in Cambridge we travel all over the UK and have been as far north as Aberdeen and frequently run events in London, Norwich, Brighton, Bristol and Manchester. We also have experience of providing our events in Europe.

We travel to most of our events in one of our fleet of vans and usually require parking on site.

Do you need external power?

For the vast majority of our activites we are entirely self-sufficient with just the use of Pedal Power.

The exception to this is our family Pedal Powered Cinema, where we usually power the projector from the mains or a battery and power the speakers with the bikes, as children can struggle to generate the necessary power.

Do you offer discounts for charities?

Depending on the specifics of the event we look to offer charity discounts wherever we can. Contact us for details.