Enthusiastic words after mastering the Babboe “Carve – Mountain” during a test ride session on Jesus Green.

Is the Carve the missing link between two and three wheel cargo bikes – or is it an inevitable evolution of both attempting to attain the best of both worlds?

Articulating, tilting three wheel cargo bikes have been on the market for some years. The Butchers and Bicycles has been an excellent example – but the Carve now steps beyond the pioneering days to give a mature, simple, well engineered design for the real world. The easy transition between a static, stable three wheeler and the banking, carving, dynamic trike is controlled by a simple lever on the rear of the stylish beech wood box.

The ability of leaning into a turn is one of the advantages that bicycles or motor cycles have over cars or trikes on cornering. The trike has the advantage of stability when coming to a halt and not having to put ones feet down to stabilise and balance the weight of a two wheeler. By judicious use of the tilt control lever both advantages can be realised in one machine.

All Cargo bike riders have individual ride preferences. I have found that the Carve can be the ideal compromise – one partner can enjoy the trike in locked “trike” mode, the other may enjoy the performance of unlocked “two wheel” mode. It is easy to switch rapidly between each mode.

Two electric assist models are available, please click for details: “Carve-E” or the Yamaha powered “Carve-Mountain”

To experience the unique “Carve” ride, please contact Rob to arrange a test ride.