Latest update from Raleigh – includes important information about entering your frame number in the UK frame number checker.

IMPORTANT UPDATED SAFETY WARNING AND RECALLBABBOE CARGO MODELS: CITY / CITY-E / MINI / MINI-E / PRO TRIKE / PRO TRIKE-E / PRO TRIKE XL / CITY MOUNTAIN (PRODUCED BEFORE 2020) / SLIM MOUNTAIN / TRANSPORTER / TRANSPORTER EAPRIL 2024Dear Babboe Dealer,Following the Safety and Recall Notice we issued in March 2024 regarding the safety of the CITY, CITY E, MINI, and MINI E models, which cannot be 100% guaranteed. Additional models have now been added and are now subject to a Safety and Recall Notice. These additional models include PRO TRIKE, PRO TRIKE-E, PRO TRIKE XL, CITY MOUNTAIN (PRODUCED BEFORE 2020), SLIM MOUNTAIN, TRANSPORTER, TRANSPORTER E. We do not want our customers to be at any risk whatsoever and are, therefore, starting a recall process for these models today.We have attached a copy of the recall notice that has been issued to the local authorities in the UK and would kindly ask you to read, download, print and display it in store.Raleigh, our importer, will support the recall process in the UK. When we have an further update, they will contact you to discuss the next steps.Thank you for your support.Babboe
Babboe has identified that with intensive use, hairline cracks may appear in the frame of the models shown. These cracks can lead to sagging of the frame, which may lead to serious injury.

As a result, Babboe is launching a recall for the Babboe City, City-E, Mini, Mini-E, Pro Trike, Pro Trike-E, Pro Trike XL, City Mountain (produced before 2020), Slim Mountain, Transporter and Transporter E models. Customers are directed to stop using these bikes immediately.

In the UK, Raleigh UK, Babboe’s distribution partner, will manage the recall action. Babboe and Raleigh take their customers’ safety very seriously and do not want them to be at risk. Therefore, we strongly advise you to follow the directive and stop using these models

If you own one of these affected bikes please visit to register your bike model using the frame number and leave your contact details so you can be contacted about the recall as soon as possible and appropriate redress. If you cannot access the internet, please contact us using the information below and we will be able to assist you.

You can find the frame number of your cargo bike at the place indicated below. We realise these measures are inconvenient for you and sincerely apologise. The frame number is located on the left side of the bottom bracket and/or on the sticker on the seat tube. Can’t find the frame number? Then check: Service
Tel:            +441271 500 194                    Email:

We unfortunately still have no timescale on either replacement of recalled bikes or how checking of remaining bikes will be rolled out.