Babboe have this morning sent the email below. We, as yet, have no further details. This email was in Dutch, and talks about the Netherlands. We will ask for clarity on what this means for owners in the UK, who will be doing the servicing and what timescale is anticipated.

The link does not seem to be currently active – we will be trying our frame numbers there, hoping for more news from 10th April.

Dear Babboe owner,

Today we can finally give you clarity about your cargo bike. We are happy about that. In mid-February we had to ask you not to use the cargo bike for the time being. We have asked for a lot of patience from you. Babboe, in coordination with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), is in the final phase of research into the safety of all its models.

Cargo bike inspection
The research shows that in the Netherlands the models City Mountain (production from 2020), Max-E, Carve-E, Carve Mountain Curve-E, Curve Mountain, Big (E), Dog (E), Go (E), Go Mountain, Flow E, Flow Mountain, Pro Bike (E), Pro Bike Midmotor, Mini Mountain and Curve may be used again after an inspection/repair. If you have one of these models, you can register via the website from April 10. An appointment will then be made with a mechanic who will visit your home to check/repair your cargo bike. This may take some time. After the check/repair you can get back on the road!

Replace your cargo bike
The safety of City Mountain (production before January 2020), Slim Mountain & Transporter and the Pro Trike (E), Trike-E, Pro Trike XL Motor cannot be guaranteed. These models are being replaced in a recall. This has already been decided previously for the City (E) and MINI (E). We expect that from April 10 you will be able to see what this means for you at . The arrangement for the owners of a Babboe cargo bike in this recall is as follows:
If you own a cargo bike up to 5 years old, you will receive a new, higher-quality cargo bike as partial compensation. Would you prefer a ‘normal’ E-bike? That is also possible! We have an extensive range for you to choose from. If your cargo bike is older than five years, the current value is taken into account. You will receive a certificate, the amount of which depends on the current value. You can use this current value when purchasing a new cargo bike. We ensure that you are always offered a new regular bicycle. The returned cargo bikes are collected by a certified party and dismantled in a sustainable manner.

All Babboe owners, whether your cargo bike needs to be checked/repaired or is recalled, will receive compensation for the inconvenience in the form of free maintenance and/or accessories.

We will start collecting the first cargo bikes in mid-April. It is a huge logistical operation. We ask for your understanding and thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.