Raleigh is planning the recall and inspection of Babboe bikes in the UK. This information has been sent to dealers – Raleigh will soon be in direct communication with all registered Babboe owners.

It is important that you register your Babboe bike at www.checkyourcargobike.co.uk.

The next steps fall into two categories: bikes that have been recalled and bikes currently under a safety notice.

End consumers can check which category their bike falls into, the solution provided, and the next steps by visiting:


Recalled Models.

For the following models, Babboe has identified a potential safety issue with several frames on different cargo bike models:

  • CITY MOUNTAIN (produced before 2020)
  • PRO TRIKE, PRO TRIKE-E AND PRO TRIKE XL models – All branded versions including Raleigh Pro Trike XL 

Intensive use of the above models can cause hairline cracks in the frame, which could lead to frame failure and lead to potential serious harm. Babboe has therefore decided to recall the above models and is offering consumers a replacement or other appropriate solution. 

We are asking all end users of Babboe cargo bikes to visit and register on www.checkyourcargobike.co.uk; where they will receive updated communication and the next steps specifically related to their bike.

All Babboe owners, including those who have a cargo bike to inspect, will receive compensation for this inconvenience in the form of maintenance and/or accessories.

Replacement Process:

Where applicable, owners of cargo bikes up to five years old will receive a new, high-quality cargo bike as partial compensation.

Should the customer prefer a non-cargo bike as a replacement, this is also an option. There is an extensive range to choose from in the recall webshop.

For cargo bikes that are more than five years old, a certificate will be issued that corresponds to the current value of the bike to be used via a webshop available as part of the process.

This value can be claimed when purchasing a new cargo bike, or alternative option. The aim is to ensure that every customer affected by the recall is always offered a new replacement bike. 

The returned cargo bikes will be collected by a certified partner and sustainably recycled. Where possible, materials will be recycled as raw materials.

Please direct customers to register on www.checkyourcargobike.co.uk

Bikes under safety notice.

  • City Mountain (from 2020, frame number starts with AC)
  • Curve (E), Curve Mountain
  • Big (E)
  • Dog (E)
  • Mini Mountain
  • Max-E
  • Pro Bike (E), Pro Bike Midmotor – All Branded Versions including Raleigh Pro Bike
  • Carve-E, Carve Mountain
  • Go (E), Go Mountain
  • Flow-E, Flow Mountain

For consumers, the models are still bound by the stop ride notice. These bikes are subject to a mandatory inspection before they are cleared to be ridden again.

Customers will be able to ride the bike to a participating inspection dealer if they wish, but only after completing a comprehensive self check on the bike.

Participating inspection dealers will be provided with an inspection checklist for each model and reimbursement per inspection.

As the output of the inspection will ensure that the bike is in a rideable and roadworthy condition, a standardised procedure must be followed. For this purpose, end consumers should make an appointment at a participating dealership or book an inspection at home via the information provided in the customer specific update after registering on www.checkyourcargobike.co.uk.

For some models, there may be a future requirement to upgrade components where applicable; we will provide you with more information on this at a later date.

This will not affect the end user’s use of the bike as long as it passes the standards set out in the inspection protocol.

We at Outspoken Cycles are asking questions about this process and awaiting special tools and checklists to start inspections.