Revolutionise your logistics: Try an E-Cargo Bike!

Outspoken Cycles and Zedify Norwich are excited to run the Norwich e-cargo bike library for Norfolk County Council.

This project lets your business trial one of eleven e-cargo bikes of various types and sizes, plus e-trailers, for free.

Test an e-cargo bike risk-free and see how it can enhance your business logistics and services.

We’re here to provide guidance and ensure you make the best choice, from start to finish.

Note: The bikes can only be used within the Norwich Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). View the AQMA here.

pelican 2 sport being use to carry cargo

How it works

1. Complete the user sign-up survey and pay the deposit (refunded upon return of the bike).

2. Choose an e-cargo bike and book your trial. All bikes include a helmet, secure lock, lockable cargo box (except trailers), two batteries, charger, and storage bag. Choose a 4-week or 8-week trial,

3. Collect the bike from Zedify Norwich (bring Photo ID).

4. Receive rider training. All users should attend or contact us for additional staff training.

5. Enjoy your trial (contact us with any questions).

6. Return the bike at the end of the trial and complete the follow-up survey.

Book your e-cargo bike experience!

What e-cargo bikes are available?

Explore a wide range of e-cargo bikes tailored to your business needs. E-cargo bikes are perfect for transporting goods of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Benefits include:

– Beat urban traffic
– Use cycling infrastructure to avoid congestion
– Park closer and avoid fines
– Lower operating costs than motor vehicles
– Reduce emissions and lower your carbon footprint

Our library offers 2, 3, and 4-wheel options, ideal for delivering chilled goods, food, laundry, or transporting equipment for professionals like gardeners, plumbers, and mobile mechanics.

Contact us for advice on the best e-cargo bike for your business.

Two Wheel Options

Bicicapace Pelican

The Bicicapace Pelican is one of the lightest e-cargo bikes available. Perfectly suited to carrying a larger load on the front but still nimble and fast to unload and reload. This e-cargo bike is ideal if you have light loads that need to come on and off often, or if you have multiple bags that you need to secure. Often used by professionals like photographers, plumbers or electricians who need to get to a location quickly but don’t necessarily have the heaviest loads. 

Larry vs. Harry Bullitt

One of the original e-cargo bikes. The Bullitt has more storage capacity with a light and fast-handling ride. Suited to riders looking to transport loads up to 100kg in a low-riding bike with good visibility. Used by a wide range of businesses including mobile repairs, last-mile delivery and trade members.

Urban Arrow Large

A popular delivery bike with both private entrepreneurs and large UK companies. Sainsburys and the Co-Op have already integrated this e-cargo bike into their fleet.

Raleigh Pro Bike

Designed with a clean canvas to let your creative juices flow, this bike provides plenty of storage for those essential products and a discreet yet powerful Yamaha motor. The Business Cargo is just the ticket for when you want to take that next step to being an eco-friendly business, without breaking the bank or tiring your legs!

Urban Arrow XL

The Urban Arrow Cargo XL is not just the most environmentally friendly way of getting your cargo from A to B in the city, it’s a ride of unrivalled quality. Road-tested daily by hundreds of businesses and organisations across the UK it’s efficient, cost-effective, and fast. The Urban Arrow XL can be hired with a flatbed set-up, passive cool box or duffle bag. 

Three Wheel Options

Urban Arrow Tender

The Urban Arrow Tender is the powerhouse electric cargo bike. Strong, heavy yet easy to steer. It can handle up to 300kg of load and up to 2500L of volume and it rides surprisingly smoothly on its three wheels. No matter the load, the Tender business bike can handle it all.

Winther CX

When it comes to last-mile delivery, agility, strength, and stability are essential for efficient transportation of goods from point A to point B. The Winther CX cargo bike offers a solution that not only meets these requirements but also helps save you time and money. Specifically designed for urban areas, it is perfect for businesses. The securely riveted box of the Winther CX cargo bike, with steel reinforcements in all corners, ensures stability and resistance to torsion, impacts, and heavy loads, this construction prevents the box from easily deforming or bending during use or transport.

Four Wheeler

Fernhay eQuad

Fernhay’s robust eQuad includes their unique, Cube container. Narrow and unobtrusive, the eQuand fits through tight city streets, accessing those locations which vans struggle to reach.  With a strong steel frame, versatility, comfort and a large carrying capacity of up to 200kg they are innovated from the bottom up. Fernhay electric cargo bikes have set a new benchmark in the delivery sector, with well known companies, such as Amazon, EVRI and Zedify using the eQuad daily. 

Cargo Trailer

Carla e-cargo Trailer

eCarla, the large cargo trailer can haul heavy loads of up to 200kg behind you. As it’s rider, you can easily beat the traffic every day. Thanks to it’s electric motor the eCarla is flexible, effortless and comfortable. This will be supplied with a Gazelle Miss Grace standard bike making it a grab-and-go solution. 


Carla Trailer

The Carla is a resistant bicycle trailer, which can be coupled with most regular bikes and can transport a 200kg load easily. Carla distinguishes itself by it’s outstanding agility and a very small turning circle. The non-electric Carla bicycle trailers are great for use with the rest of the e-Cargo bikes in this scheme to give you extra capacity. 


Need more inspiration? Check out our Case Studies below

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact us at

or call us on 01223 789606

If you need to speak to the team at Zedify Norwich please call 01603 327 387. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the scheme cost?

The scheme is free to all users. The only thing that is expected in return is that you complete some surveys relating to the impact the use of the bike has had on you and your organisation.

Can I try more than one bike?

Yes. For businesses you may swap to an alternative bike during your trial period, provided alternatives are available. Contact us for details.

What is the purpose of the scheme?

The scheme is designed to allow businesses who may be considering purchasing an E-Cargo bike the opportunity to trial their use for an extended period before buying. We hope this scheme will further grow cargo bike use in the city and reduce the number of vans needed to transport items in the city centre.

What is included in the offer?

The loan includes the cargo bike, helmet, secure cycle lock, lockable cargo box (with the exception of trailers), two batteries, a charger, and a battery storage bag.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a deposit of £250 paid by bank card. This is returned once the bike and all accessories are returned in the same condition as they went out in. We also require you to bring photographic proof of ID such as a driving license or passport when you collect your bike. 

Are the bikes insured?

The bikes are insured against theft providing specific conditions are met. 

The bikes must be stored within a secure location overnight such as in a locked garage. When in use and left unattended the bikes must be locked to an immovable object (such as a Sheffield bike stand) through the frame using the lock we have provided and must not be left unattended overnight. Any damage or thefts must be reported to us within 24 hours and in the case of criminal damage or theft must also be reported to the Police and a crime number taken. If in doubt contact us for guidance.

In the unfortunate event of theft, the person or business trialling the bike would need to pay the insurance excess of £250, provided all of the insurance conditions are met. If the conditions have not been met, for example the person trialling had not locked up the bike while leaving the bike unattended they would be liable for the full replacement cost of the bike.

After my trial can I purchase the exact bike I’ve been trialling, as an ex-demo?

No, unfortunately not as these bikes are specifically allocated to the project. However, we do occasionally have ex-demo models available, and we keep popular models in stock where we can. Otherwise we can order in models specifically for you.

I’d like to do the trial but I don’t have somewhere to store the bike. Is it still possible?
We do have to ensure that our insurance conditions are met for every trial as the bikes are very valuable. However, do get in touch with your specific circumstances and we’ll do our best to help work out a solution for you.
What happens if I have a mechanical problem such as a puncture during the trial?

The bikes have been chosen because they are robust and proven work-horses. All bikes are serviced before going out to make sure there are ready to be used by you. However, no tyre is completely puncture-proof and mechanical issues can occur.

If there is a problem, you will need to contact Zedify Norwich as soon as possible and they will send a rider out between the hours of 9am and 5pm. You are responsible for informing us of any incidents. 

Provided the repairs are not due to improper use we will fix them free of charge and at no cost to you.

I like the idea of trialling a bike but are they difficult to ride? I don’t know if I’d have the confidence to ride one.

The bikes are all straight forward to ride! With the electric motor they also feel very light.

You are more than welcome to get in touch and arrange an initial test ride to see how you feel on the bikes before committing to trialling one for 4-8 weeks.

Our sister company Outspoken Training also provider tailored dedicated 1-2-1 cargo bike training in 2 hour sessions. Visit their website at

My business would like to brand up the bike for the duration of the trial. Is this possible?

Yes, you can do this. We just need to agree the details beforehand in writing. The project branding must remain and any branding you add must be fully removed, leaving no trace, before you return the bike. If in doubt, please get in touch to discuss this further.

If I enjoy using the e-cargo bike, do I have to purchase through Outspoken Cycles?

No, not at all. Both Outspoken Cycles and Zedify Norwich will be on hand to answer any questions you have and of course, we are happy to help you with any future purchase. However, there is no obligation to buy from us.