We’re pleased to have been featured as the lead comment on the cycling industry in a recent article in This Is Money by journalist Harry Wise.

The article, Britain gets on its bike: Business is booming for cycle makers and shops despite the battered economy, but will flourishing sales last?, looks at the current surge in cycling due to the lockdown and reduction in use of public transport. General Manager, Mark Searle, provided comment from the position of local bike shop, and looking at the rise of the electric bike and the potential of escooters.

As Mark notes, ebikes are a fanastic tool for longer commutes –

“In our experience, e-bikes have been transformatory for people’s commuting, as well as leisure. With an e-bike even inexperienced riders rapidly have the confidence to tackle commutes of 5-10 miles, especially with segregated cycleways.

For my wife, our e-cargo bike transformed her 12-mile round-trip nursery run that would have been impossible by car both due to a lack of parking in central Cambridge and the huge congestion levels.”

For the full article visit https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-8315515/Bike-sales-flourishing-Britain-pandemic-last.html

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