Urban Arrow Tender 1000 with ‘Post & Parcel’ box


Last Mile perfection
We like to think bigger, all the time. What if you can transport seriously heavy cargo with an electric bike, we wondered. Could a cargo bike compete with a van? In collaboration with our industry partners, we designed the answer: a new front frame that will seriously up the cargo game.

Challenging your ideas on last-mile logistics
Our research and development will undoubtedly lead to new models and applications that will continue to challenge your ideas about last-mile logistics. We realise that all markets and cities are different and we look to provide the best solutions all around. What do you need? Feel free to share your thoughts. Together, we just might create something special.

Agility, strength and stability
The Tender’s three-wheel base combines cycling technology with insights from the automotive industry, making it agile and guaranteeing maximum strength and stability. All Tender models come with a three-wheel base and dual hydraulic disc brake technology on the front frame. These brakes allow for quick and safe stopping of the massive cargo volume you can transport with this beast. The wheel suspension ensures you’ll always have a smooth ride, no matter the weight.