Winther Kangaroo Luxe ( Crank Motor)


Unique advantages make Kangaroo Luxe the ultimate cargo bike for you and your family. Seats that can be put to resting position, torsion suspention on the front wheels and detailed focus on safety and comfort made it win the prize as best cargo bike in test.

*Price from base model. All add-ons and customisation will come at additional cost – to find out more please get in touch!



Kangaroo Luxe is from the outset developed for transportation of children. The cabin is spacious and flexible, so there is plenty of room for two children up to 135 cm tall. It is easy for children to enter and exit the cabin due to the low entry point – which saves the adult from many lifts. A prop stand offers added stability.

A safety belt holds the children securely fastened around the hip. The seats are easy to adjust so that the child face either the adult or look forward. Seats can also be set to lying position making a nap more comfortable. Are you bringing one child only, then one seat can be placed in the middle to get the balance just right. See more about seat solutions under ‘accessories’

The hood offers protection when the sun is out and the side-windows can open. A sunroof makes it easy see and talk to each other during the trip.


Kangaroo Luxe offers great road-holding qualities. The head tube solution and steering damper ensure rigidity and good stability. And furthermore the Kangaroo Luxe also has torsion suspension build into the front wheels which smoothes out any bump and minimizes rolling drag.


  • The cabin is made of impact resistant material and has rounded edges.
  • The strong alu bars provide added protection over the children’s heads.
  • The Kangaroo Luxe is fitted with reflectors on the front and along the hood so that the bike is clearly seen also in the dark. It is prepared for lights.
  • Disc brakes on the front wheels as standard ensure safe braking whatever the weather.
  • The frame construction is light yet strong and made of torsionally rigid aluminium.


The handlebar is multi-adjustable to suit different drivers. The same goes for the saddle, which is equipped with a quick release making it easy to find the best position.


Behind the seats, there is plenty of room for luggage etc. and the weight is allocated with stability in mind. A zip fastening at the back provides convenient access to the luggage, and an additional external mesh pocket allows for swift and easy storage.


and comes with hydraulic disc brakes on front wheels as standard, puncture resistant Schwalbe tires and a variety of gear and motor options.

Winther Kangaroo Luxe with an e-motor gives you the extra power boost to make your journey more comfortable. It encourages longer rides and suddenly the heavy load feels much lighter. Not to mention all the other benefits that an e-motor offers, such as emission-free travel, low maintenance and insurance costs, and no parking fees. A sustainable and fun way to get there faster. We offer you these e-motor options: Center motor: Shimano STePS 6100 Di2, 5 gears (automatic) or Alfine 8 gears (manual) including disc brake.

The hood is included. Seats and other accessories should be specified when ordering a Kangaroo, get in touch for more details!

The hood comes in red, black, grey and blue. The frame comes in black, red, silver, white and blue. These colors can be combined as you like.

Please note that the number plate at the front of the bike is no longer available.

*Price from base model. All add-ons and customisation will come at additional cost – to find out more please get in touch!