AstraZeneca Pool Bikes

eAZy Bikes Safety Information for AstraZeneca Staff:

You should read this safety information prior to loaning an eAZy Bike. If you have any queries, please contact the travel team at

• Where possible you should have completed the Adult Cycle Training sessions

• If not – then you must be an existing bicycle rider – By loaning an eAZy bike you are accepting that you can confidently ride a bicycle on the road.

• We recommend you use a bicycle helmet manufactured to BS EN 1078: 1997 (European Standard) and/or BS 6863:1989

• Helmets are not provided as it is considered that the helmet should fit you, so personal helmets are to be used

• We would recommend you use hi vis desk while riding an eAZy bike

• You need to be in good health – if you don’t feel fit to ride…don’t ride!

• You are expected to abide by the highway code while riding an eAZy bike

• All eAZy bikes come with an instruction leaflet

• If your eAZy bike is damaged, or you find a defect, don’t use the bicycle. There is an option to swap for another bike if it is available. More details are on the instruction leaflet in the bike pannier

• If there is an emergency with the bike, please contact Outspoken Cycles in the first instance. They will be able to instruct you on what you must do with the bike. If you require a bike for your next journey please contact the travel team on where they will endeavour to assist you.

• Remember that by using the bicycle you are committing to checking and setting it up before use. You must not lend it to anyone else to use whilst you have the bicycle booked out.

• Ensure that you know the safest route to the destination

• Remember that the safest route might not be the quickest route

• Getting dark? Weather changing? Plan ahead. If you don’t want to ride then contact the Campus Travel Manager and arrange alternative travel

• Remember that you have alternatives for your journey – shuttles and public transport are available if required.

• If there are no bikes available to swap, you will be reimbursed your journey to work by the travel team via a reasonable mode of transport. If this circumstance occurs, please email the travel team (

• Please ensure the bikes are always locked up to an immovable object using the supplied chain.