Workshop Repairs

Let us do the hard work for you!

From puncture repairs and indexing your gears to a full strip and rebuild – we’ve got you covered.

We offer services to cover all budgets and requirements. Our mechanics are specialists in cargo bikes with years of experience riding and maintaining a range of cargo bikes as well as other bikes. We will make your bike ride like new!

Walk-in customers are very welcome.

We now offer collection and drop off for cargo bikes on a Tuesday and Friday in Cambridgeshire! 

Workshop Opening Hours:

8.30am – 5pm  Monday to Friday

Walk-ins on Saturdays 

Collections on Tuesday and Friday 

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Repair FAQs

I'm not sure what level of servicing my bike needs!

Getting your bike serviced shouldn’t be stressful. We have aimed to make our service options as clear and transparent as possible. Please read the description attached to each service option. 

If you are still unsure please call us. We are happy to advise you on the service needed over the phone or in person.

How long does your servicing and repairs take?

We aim to do all servicing the same day wherever possible. We carry a wide range of parts to facilitate this. For any job that we will require extra time to complete we will inform you of this. 

Where possible punctures and other small jobs will be done whilst you wait provided a mechanic is available.

Do you offer complimentary bikes?

We offer free complimentary bike hire with any of our service options. All we require is a copy of your photo ID (either driving license or passport).

You can keep the bike for as long as your bike takes to repair.

For other repairs we can offer a replacement hire bike for a cost of £10.

Do you sell spare parts?

We stock a range of spare parts that are compatible with most bikes. However if you are unsure or would like a specific component, please get in touch a we can check our stock for you.

I bought a bike from you, do I get a free service?

All of the bikes we sell include a free 6 month service. Please get in touch to make a booking.

Which bikes do you not repair?

Occassionally there are bikes that we are unable to see in our workshop. They might be bikes that we cannot get proprietary parts for, or bikes that we have experienced significant and persistent quality issues which we feel are fundamentally unsafe or, in the case of ebikes, potentially illegal. As a result, unfortunately we will refuse repair on:

  1. Non-legal ebikes: We can only work on ebikes that meet the government definition of ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPCs) as detailed here. We cannot work on non-compliant ebikes (or e-scooters) eg those with a motor larger than 250w or equipped with a throttle that lets you stop pedalling while still providing power.
  2. Electric conversions: we will not work on the electrics of any bike with a electric converstion that is not either Promovec or Pendix.
  3. Ebike diagnostics: we are unable to do a diagnostic on ebikes not fitted with Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, GWA and Bafang.
  4. Cargo bike brands we cannot assess or repair: Zigo, Bellabike, electric Nihola
  5. We reserve the right to refuce any bike that we feel is unsafe to work on or that we would not be able to return in a safe or satisfactory condition.