Workshop Repairs

Workshop Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 8.30am-5pm. Contact us to book.

Let us do the hard work for you! From puncture repairs and indexing your gears to a full strip and rebuild – we’ve got you covered. Come see us to make sure your bike is working in tip top condition. We offer services to cover all budgets and requirements. As a retail shop specialising in family & commerical cycling our mechanics are also specialists in cargo bikes with year’s of experience riding and maintaining a range of cargo bikes.

To book a service or to find out more, please drop us a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page or give us a call on 01223 789606. 

Walk in customers are always very welcome, but as our workshop can get very busy we can’t always guarantee same day repairs. If you’re popping in for a quick repair or service we always recommend ringing ahead and we can advise on availability.

Coronavirus Information & Services

We’re here to keep Cambridge cycling during this time. We have new services and are a registered repairer for the Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme.

Bike Collection Service

We know it can be difficult to drop a bike off to us for repair either due to other time committments or if it’s simply your mode of transport, especially with a cargo bike. We now offer a bespoke collection/drop off service for customers struggling to get bikes to us. These are by appointment only so do get in touch to discuss and arrange a time.

Area Covered:

To view a map of the areas covered click here.


Our fees are reflective of staff time and use of a van for each collection, with time typically being 50-60 minutes per collection or drop off.

One way £40 regular / £48 extended area

Return £75 regular / £90 extended area

Contact us for availability.

Bicycle Servicing Packages

Please browse our bicycle servicing packages below.

Bronze Safety Check & Mini Service £25 Standard Bike / £30 Cargo Bike

  • Safety check and assessment with notes on work needed
  • Wheels checked for true
  • Drivetrain lubricated
  • Brake and Gear – minor adjustment
  • Tyres inflated
  • Box/cargo areas checked and all bolts checked (Only on Cargo Bikes)

Silver - recommended 6 monthly service (inc. complimentary bike hire) £40 Standard Bike / £50 Cargo Bike

  • Everything in the bronze service
  • Brake and gear adjust
  • Adjust hubs and headsets if applicable/possible
  • Check all nuts and bolts are secure
  • Basic Truing
  • Cables lubricated
  • Frame wiped down
  • One basic part fitted (ie tube, brake pads) all other fittings extra
  • Box/cargo areas checked and all bolts checked (Only on Cargo Bikes)

*For complimentary bike hire we need to take a copy of photo ID such as a driving license.

Gold - recommended yearly service (inc. complimentary bike hire*) £80 Standard Bike / £90 Cargo Bike

  • Everything in silver service
  • Seatpost removed and regreased (as required)
  • Wheels trued and tensioned (as required)
  • Clean, degrease and relube the drivetrain
  • Box/cargo areas checked and all bolts checked (Only on Cargo Bikes)

Parts fitting included as part of gold service pricing; cables, chains, cassettes, pads, tubes, cranksets, tyres – cost of part extra

Platinum - our super deluxe service when your bikes needs some serious TLC! (inc. complimentary bike hire*) £150 Standard Bike / Price by arrangement for Cargo Bike

    • Full strip and rebuild with all gear and brake systems setup afresh
    • Frame clean
    • Hubs, headset, bottom bracket cleaned and regreased
    • Includes, chasing, facing and reaming where required.
    • All cables replaced as standard (standard galvanised, extra for stainless)
    • Frame checked for alignment and damage
    • All standard parts fitting included. Accessories fitting extra
    • Box/cargo areas checked and all bolts checked (Only on Cargo Bikes)

Ad Hoc Services

If you don’t require one of our full packages then see below for the prices of our individual services. These prices are for labour only, any parts fitted will cost extra.

Puncture Repair – £8

Puncture Repair on wheel with Hub Gear or E-Bike Motor – £15

Hub service (ball bearing) – £21

Hub Cone Adjustment – £16

Wheel True – £18

Spoke replacement and wheel true £26 / £36 (Hub Gear or E-Bike Motor)

Adjustment – £11

Fitting – £16

Ream & face frame – £25

Adjustment – £11

Fitting – £16

Chase & Face Frame – £25

Fit Chain – £9

Fit Cassette – £11

Fit Cable – £11 / £16 Internally Routed Cables

Fit front or rear mech – £16

Index front or rear mech – £9

Fit Pads (excluding disc ) – £11

Fit Cable – £11 / £17 Internal Routed Cables

Fit Unit – £16

Disc brake bleed (per calliper) – £21 / £26 Cargo Bike / £31 Cargo Trike

Brake adjustment (per brake) – £8

Pedals – £6

Grips – £5

Saddle – £5

Seatpost – £5

Handlebars – £16

Handlebar tape – £11

Shifter/Brake lever – £16

Mudguards – £11

Request a Bike Service 

Please let us know as much information about your requirement. We will be in touch to confirm your booking. 

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Repair FAQs

*How does the Complimentary Bike work?

We offer free complimentary bike hire for Silver, Gold and Platinum services. All we require is a copy of your photo ID (either driving license or passport).

You can keep the bike for as long as your bike takes to repair.

For other repairs and services we can offer a replacement hire bike for a cost of £10.

Do you offer call-out servicing?

We don’t offer call-out servicing.

Our only off-site servicing is our mobile Dr Bike, which can be booked for businesses or events for a 3 hour minimum. Please visit our Dr Bike page for more information.

Do you sell spare parts?

We stock a range of spare parts that are compatible with most bikes. However if you are unsure or would like a specific component, please get in touch a we can check our stock for you.

I'm not sure what level of servicing my bike needs!

Please read through the bicycle servicie packages above. If you are still uncertain please call up, or pop in for one of our mechanics to assess your bike.

I bought a bike from you, do I get a free service?

All of the bikes we sell include a free 6 month service. Please get in touch to make a booking.

How long does your bike servicing take?

For puncture repairs it is approx. 10-15 mins (if a mechanic is available immedaitely)

Other servicing takes between 30 mins – 2 hours depending on the level of service required.