Outspoken are delighted to announce we have become supporters of World Bicycle Relief. The collaboration will see the Outspoken group (Outspoken CyclesOutspoken Delivery & Outspoken Training) promote and fundraise for the charity over the coming months and years.

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) aims to mobilize people through ‘The Power of Bicycles’. In rural developing countries, the biggest barrier to education is often the physical act of getting to schools. Through their education programme, the WBR donates life-changing bicycles to school children with the objective of helping pupils conquer the challenges of travelling great distances. This has led to:

  • Over 126,000 students receiving bicycles
  • 28% increase in attendance
  • 59% increase in academic performance

The programme also has the additional benefits of making healthcare more accessible, improving livelihoods and increasing independence.

Since 2005, WBR have distributed over 390,000 specially designed Buffalo bicycles through their various programmes throughout Africa, Asia and South America. They have also created new economic opportunities by training local mechanics to maintain and repair the donated bikes at regular intervals throughout a child’s education.

The charity appeals to Outspoken’s values by promoting cycling as a viable, sustainable, life-changing and everyday form of transport. We are looking forward to working closely with this fantastic charity and will keep everyone updated through our newsletters and website blogs.