We are delighted to be the Urban Arrow dealer in Cambridge. We hold both a Family and Flatbed model in stock for you to try, and will be very pleased to talk through your requirements and advise.

Urban Arrow first attracted us with their cool new look, but it’s their fresh approach to cargo bike design that’s really piqued our interest.

Like Outspoken Cycles, Urban Arrow’s interest in cargo bikes stems from actually using them; when you know the problems and pitfalls of current bikes you can quickly build design objectives. The intelligent use of aluminium frames in a modular manner, gives a unique flexibility in their range. Their use of a tight range of standardised, best in class components, also means peace of mind for the end user as maintenance is easy and reliable. The use of Bosch power systems on the whole range gives intelligent power delivery, backed up by the amazing Bosch service support.

The bikes have also been designed to handle exceptionally well with a particularly low centre of gravity and taylored steering geometry, giving great stability and ease of handling, even when loaded with 3 children!

The Family bike uses an innovative expanded polypropylene box that’s tough, light, very impact absorbing. With the heavy weights that they carry, gearing on any cargo bike is key. The Urban Arrow uses the innovative Nuvinci hub system that has an infinite gear adjustment controlled through a simple dial. As with all our bikes there are a great range of accessories, including rain cover and seating options for a mix of children, or varied boxes for different cargo.

With an Urban Arrow you really do feel the car can stay at home!