We’re delighted to be supporting the Eddington Number. For a bit of background info, Eddington is named after Sir Arthur Eddington, who as well as being a world-renowned astrophysicist and mathematician, was also a keen cyclist. He created the Eddington Number, which is a way of measuring your cycling progress and mileage. It is the largest number of miles you have cycled on the same number of days. Our challenge is also open for walkers so, for example, if you cycle or walk five miles a day for five days, you will have an Eddington Number of five. But if you only cycle or walk one mile a day, you will have an Eddington Number of one whether you cycled for one day or 100 days (they do not have to be consecutive days). My Eddington Number is 20. I’ve cycled 20 miles a day at least 20 times but I’ve only done a 100 miles once. 

The Challenge aims to encourage people across Cambridge to get cycling and walking – You can use your data (either inputted manually or taken from your Strava account) to calculate and improve your Eddington Number on the Eddington Number website.  Can anyone beat Sir Arthur Eddington?

Sir Arthur Eddington’s love of cycling and his efforts to encourage people to do it regulary makes us especially proud to be supporting Eddington residents to cycle with the cycle loan schemeBike Clinics and the cycling festival